Women Of Steel

Our goal is to help build solidarity and mutual respect amongst our union membership and leadership.

An essential part of our women's committee mandate is to educate, represent, guide and support women organizers, officers of the union, stewards, local executive members and negotiating team members and members at large without prejudice.

The Local Women's Committee will work in solidarity with sisters and brothers to raise awareness of women's issues; increase the involvement and participation of women in the Union; support organizing and outreach efforts in the community; and support the Union's campaigns for equality and progressive political change.

The women's committee encourages women to seek further educational opportunities and help to ensure union programs and courses are accessible to women. Women can do more than just attend courses, they can also teach them!

Women of Steel Courses Available

- The union provides many courses. For example:
- Women of Steel: Building Local Union Power for Women's Committees;
- Women of Steel Leadership Development Course;
- Preventing and Dealing with Conflict;
- Steelworker Stewards in Action;
- Health and Safety courses;
- Collective Bargaining ;
- Arbitration.

For help in setting up courses, please contact your local union executive, area council education committee, or staff representative.

Issues that you may want to learn more about and discuss:

- Sexual and racial harassment
- Violence in the workplace or home
- Stress
- Repetitive strain risks and injuries
- Protective clothing and devices
- Breast cancer
- Menopause
- Aging
- Economic issues
- Pay equity
- Employment equity
- Child care
- Retirement
- Unemployment
- Lay-offs
- Technological change
- Workplace and community issues:
- Gay and lesbian rights
- Political action
- Women in the media
- Education and communication
- Organizing new members
- Creating newsletters, posters or flyers
- Dealing with the media
- Running orderly meetings
- Preparing/presenting briefs and submissions
- Making by-law changes and submitting resolutions
- Surveying the needs of members and preparing proposals for collective bargaining.


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