Contracting Out Committee

Norm Rivard

Contact: (705) 675-3381 (ext. 251)

As Chair of the contracting out committee I can assure you that we have some big challenge ahead of us with this company. I have many years of experience in this role and it is also unfortunate but I have never seen so many contractors in our workplaces like this before. The Company stated during 2010 negotiations and on their website that they we’re committed to reducing contracting out, but at this time I have yet to see a legitimate attempt to reduce the number of contractors. We are meeting weekly in regards to contracting out but the results of reducing the contractor’s numbers has been relatively unsuccessful, and it is very frustrating for all the memberships. I have been forwarding all of the complaints from the plants to the company and thus far there has been little effort to resolve these concerns.

Here are some of the HOT issues in the plants that I need to hear from all of you.

1. There is still no commitment from the company to release our reps in the plants to help reduce contracting out and save money.

2. The company is not following Schedule “U” in the collective agreement.

3. The union must be notified of mid size projects under the new collective agreement, this is still not happening in all the plants.

4. There appears to be no commitment from management to reduce contracting out.

5. Supervisors are performing our core work due to a shortage in man power.

6. Contractors using our tools and equipment.

7. There is a lack of quality work from the contractors which in turn causes

• Rework issues
• Health and safety concerns
• Production delays
• Frustration within the membership
• Higher costs for the company
• Loss of money for our members ( wages, and Nickel Bonus)

Please contact my office or email me for all concerns & complaints.

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